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Reformulated Drugs: Accelerate NDA Filings with Patented Drugs

BioLink's patented, reformulated drugs are available for licensing or co-development. Contact us to learn how quickly your product line can be enhanced.

Phosveda® (Calcium Succinate) NDA Awaiting FDA Approval

When compared to calcium acetate, the following applies to Phosveda:

• Better Patient Tolerability • Equal Performance • Bioequivalence

Learn more about [phosphate binding by calcium succinate]

BioFeRxTM for Anemia Treatment

When compared to ferrous sulfate or Ferrochel, the following applies to BioFeRx:

• Better Patient Tolerability • Better Bioavailability • Better Physiological Uptake

Learn more about BioFeRxTM bioavailability and efficacy in our [white paper] (Note to design-PDF is coming).

Reformulated Valproates for Seizure Treatment

• LiValTM (Lithium Valproate)
• CarniValTM M (Magnesium Carnitine Valproate)
• CarniValTM C (Calcium Carnitine Valproate) MagneValTM (Magnesium Valproate Hydrate)

All of BioLink's reformulated drugs will require FDA approval prior to sale to the public. Watch for updates here.

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