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MagneValTM (Magnesium Valproate): Patented Equivalent to Divalproex Sodium

MagneValTM Is Our Patented Bioequivalent of Divalproex Sodium

• MagneValTM is colorless, odorless & stable
• MagneValTM provides valproate equivalent to divalproex sodium
• MagneValTM may provide a new approach for treating seizures, manic episodes, and prophylaxis of migraine headaches
• MagneValTM can be positioned to meet the needs for new treatments (e.g., emergency responses to seizures or severe migraines, aiding in learning, or studying autism)
• MagneValTM can be formulated in gelcaps, sprinkles, extended release solids, or liquid dosage forms, providing better choices for patients

Epilepsy Affects Over 3 Million Americans

• Third most common CNS disorder (after Alzheimer's disease & stroke) • Almost 200,000 new patients diagnosed annually (most under 15 or over 65)

Valproate Facts & Features

• Associated with fewer cognitive & behavioral problems than phenytoin, phenobarbital, or carbamazepine • Viewed as a safe and remarkably effect antiepileptic drug

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