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Phosveda® (Calcium Succinate): A New Calcium-Based Phosphate Binder

Phosveda® is bioequivalent to PhosLo®, an FDA-approved phosphate binder.

Phosveda® Phosphate Bound Graph


Phosveda® is a Phosphate Binder

• High blood levels of serum phosphate are a co-morbidity of chronic kidney disease and accelerate a patient's death.
• Phosphate binders react with dietary phosphate and bind it so that it cannot be absorbed from the GI tract.
• The following are the two major classes of phosphate binders:

⋅ Calcium based ⋅ Non-calcium based (lanthanum, iron, ion-exchange resins)


Calcium Binds Phosphate & Treats Hyperphosphatemia

With FDA Approval, the Following Applies to Phosveda:
• Has the potential to be used by all CKD patients with hyperphosphatemia
• Will provide a cost-saving replacement for current FDA-approved drugs treating hyperphosphatemia
• Reduces side effects of inexpensive phosphate binders
• Potentially delays conversion to resin phosphate binders (10X more expensive)

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